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In 1 Corinthians, various spiritual gifts are described. Paul touches on the gifts of tongues, prophecy with understanding, and faith that could move mountains. He lists three things faith, hope and love.  After all of the talk about spiritual gifts Paul tells his readers that the greatest spiritual gift is love.  Love is at the core of all that we do and all that we are as Christ’s disciples.  If we do all kinds of spiritual things but do them without love they are useless.  The greatest of all spiritual exercises are faith, hope and of coarse love.   


The local church in Corinth was in serious trouble as Paul writes this letter to them. The big issue is that problems did not stay within the church family; they were known by the unbelievers outside the church.  The church had become a spectacle of dysfunction. The church at Corinth was corrupted church. Some of its members were guilty of sexual immorality; others got drunk; many in the church used the grace of God to excuse sinful living. Paul writes the Corinthian Letters in love reminding reminding them of their great position in Christ. He invites the church to unity and holiness. Join us as we discover God through the lives of the people and leaders of the church at Corinth.


Have you ever wondered what's going to happen next?  People pay lots of money to tell the future. Not to worry the end is all here in the last book of the bible.

Join us as we dig into the old and New Testament as we try to unwrap GOD's mysteries.

We often believe the lies about where our identity comes from...
We think our identity comes from our job and what we do... who we know ... and who knows us ... and our status ... and our income level ... our appearance ... How many “followers” we have... the size of our house... our sexual orientation and or even good things like our family.  God’s desire is that we find our identity in Him.  As we discover our identity in Christ we see all of the above things differently.  Come on this journey with us as we see that we have been Chosen by God, our creator and our savior.

The word “witnessing” carries some heavy preconceived ideas in both church circles as well as the world.  In this series we are going to take a look at what it means to be a witness.  We are going to discover that witnessing is not an event but a way of life.  

“In Christ” is the most frequently used phrase in the book of Ephesians, and the point is clear: If you’re in Christ, you have everything. Christians are saints in Christ; blessed in Christ; chosen in Christ; adopted by Christ; lavished with love in Christ; redeemed and forgiven in Christ; participants in God’s good plan in Christ ; glorified in Christ, sealed with the Holy Spirit; made alive in Christ; created in Christ; brought near to God in Christ; growing in Christ; built in Christ; and sharers in God’s promise in Christ. As Christ followers we are in Christ, and being in Christ simply means that believers are part of the family of God. If we are in His family we are  so wealthy, because our Heavenly Father is the creator and owner of the universe.  Unfortunate many Christians live life as if were are paupers. Our aim for this series is to learn together of the riches we have in Christ.
We have a disconnect between the generations, for the first time in the history of the church.  The generations aren't worshiping together and are disconnected from one another. Older folks are meeting in traditional churches asking where all of the people have gone, Gen X’ers and Older Millennials (born 1981-1997) are asking why their children don’t want anything to do with God when less than 20% of those who call themselves Christians participate in church activities regularly. From a historical perspective, this is not normal and ultimately these trends are harmful to the church.  What needs to change?  We need to rediscover the biblical model of mentoring. 

Struggling with sin and confessing it over and over again? The answer on how to change is one word, repentance.  Repentance is turning TO God and turning AWAY from what is separating us from HIM.

In a culture centered around acquiring and achieving, we often times miss the subtle attacks on our heart.  In this series we will delve into the seven deadly sins, and a few more... We will look at how these sins sneak their way into our everyday living and how they affect us.  We will also learn how to protect ourselves from these "Heart Attacks" and live more complete and content lives. 

Join us for this Advent series called The Star: A Journey to Christmas, featuring stories of people in the Bible and of people today in which God visits in unexpected ways. He fills our lives’ journeys with hope, love, joy, and peace, just as He did that first Christmas.

The reality is this... The Gospel is both offensive and attractive simultaneously. There is a dichotomy in the message of Christ that draws some and repels others.

The story of what Christ has done for us can be shared to people with similar backgrounds in the same room yet some will find it refreshing and some will find it repulsive. How is this so?


We will look at the messages He shared with His followers that were both promising and challenging. We will look into the people who heard Jesus’ words first hand and look at their reaction to them.


The danger of examining these passages is two fold...

The first is to hear them and do nothing in our own lives.

Second is the hear the hard teachings of Christ and allow ourselves to live in legalism.

Just because the gospel can be offensive doesn’t give us the right to be jerks.

This series will cover the Ordinances of the Church, baptism and communion and their meaning.  Come join us to gain a greater understanding of why we do what we do according to the scriptures.

This series we are taking an in-depth look at the teachings of Jesus in the sermon on the Mount. Jesus is teaching His disciples how to live as people committed to His kingdom. He is challenging His disciples to understand what it means to truly follow Him in all parts of life. These teachings will help us better understand the foundational truths Jesus is laying down for His people living for and in His Kingdom.

Often people have tried what they thought Christianity is and have walked away disappointed because God did not do what they thought he should have. His timing or answered did not fit their needs. We have preconceive notions which we have learned or have seen modeled on how to have a relationship with God. Often these postures we approach God with leave us using God as an object rather than enjoying life with God. If you have found your relationship with God as an obligation or are waiting for God to meet your needs this series will shed some light on what our relationship with God is suppose to look like. We need to stop Living our Lives in the incorrect postures of Life Under, Over, From and For God and Start Living in Communion With Him.

Often times we find ourselves controlled by the circumstances of life rather than feeling like things in life are fully in control. God’s plan for our lives is not a constant battle that leaves us fighting each day and week just hoping to survive to the next. He has a plan for us to move past survival living into thriving with His help. In this series we will discover how to truly Thrive in our personal lives, inside our church, and in our families.

Fear attacks us and wrecks our faith. It keeps us from stepping into God’s plans for us. This series looks at the journey of Mary, Joseph and a couple of other people involved in the first Christmas. Fear Not helps us overcome fear and transform it into faith and obedience. Fear Not assures us that God will always give us the guidance we need to reject fear.

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