Small Groups will start up again after the holidays


This series reminds us that despite the uncertainty of the world around us and the pressures we place on ourselves, God's word directs us to give our anxiety to God. When we discover the freedom of turning things over to Him, we don’t have to lie awake at night. Our shortness of breath is replaced by life-giving rest. We feel a peace that goes beyond all understanding. We will be challenged to be open about our insecurities and recognize that we all suffer from them.


What is church? How are we the church? If all I had was the Bible, and I was to read it and start a 'church,' what would it look like? Would it look like the thing that we've built and referred to as church? Or would it look radically different? BASIC is a seven-part short film series featuring Francis Chan inviting us to reclaim the simple, full, and beautiful journey that our lives are intended to be.THIS GROUP MEETS AT THE CHURCH BUILDING, 407 FACTORY STREET IN PLYMOUTH FROM 6:30-8PM. THIS SMALL GROUP HAS NO COST. 

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407 Factory St.

Plymouth, WI 53073

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